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Priscilla’s husband setting up the PIXEM
Priscilla, rider and PIXEM user, live streams her wedding day using her auto-follow robot

When we tell you that PIXEM can help on a daily basis, we mean it...

8 Feb 2022 — 2 minutes read more
PIXIO or PIXEM: which one should you get?

Here you are! You have finally decided that it was your time to enjoy great videos of your trainings, lessons, competitions, conferences, online courses… but all of this using a Move’N See robot cameraman :-) So you’re currently browsing on our website, looking at different products descriptions but not able to make a decision and decide which device is the best for you?

4 Mar 2020 — 5 minutes read more
MOVE 'N SEE speaks at the USEF annual meeting in Florida in early January

MOVE 'N SEE increases its international development and participate in the USEF annual meeting.

13 Jan 2020 — 1 minute read more
Live Lesson with PIXEM

You are a click away from getting your dreamed PIXEM robot! But before that, you want to make sure that it will fit your need to have remote live lesson? No problem, this article will show you how easy it is!

26 Sep 2019 — 2 minutes read more