Debrief your videos immediately after a training session or play period, without needing to access the PIX4TEAM2 which has just filmed

28 Sep 2023 — 1 minute
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Play your videos PIX4TEAM2 on a screen nearby

You need to do a video session at half-time, after the game, or at any time during practice without having to physically access the camera?

Your screen (smartphone/tablet/laptop/TV) only needs to be connected to the same network (WIFI, ethernet, hotspot) as the PIX4TEAM2.

First example: on your TV, choose the ‘source’ Pix4Team, then choose the video to play. It is useful to watch a sequence that just happened on a screen placed on the sideline.

Second example: on your laptop, you can use software like ‘Windows Media Player’ or 'VLC' to access the videos of your PIX4TEAM2. With a single click, you have access to the 'Pix4team' folder and all your recorded videos, just as if it were a hard drive.

Third example: Apps on smartphone or tablet. You can also use the app VLC on your smartphone or tablet to access the videos.

In addition, you can download the videos on your device or share them with your friends, family, teammates, and coaches.

And since it's MOVE'N SEE, it's without subscription! Your PIX4TEAM2 automatically has this function. Please note that this is only available for PIX4TEAM2. You can upgrade your robot from a PIX4TEAM to a PIX4TEAM2

So... it's up to you, and tell us how your coaching techniques are strengthened thanks to all of this, we love it!


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