15 Sep 2023 — 2 minutes
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'PIX4TEAM 2' moves upmarket with improved tracking technology.

It stands out from the first-generation PIX4TEAM thanks to:

  • Improved optics that deliver more pixels for artificial intelligence
  • New generation of Artificial Intelligence thanks to enhanced computing capacity
  • More versatile, the PIX4TEAM 2 robot now includes all sports: Soccer/Football, Futsal, Basketball, Ice / Field / Rink Hockey, Handball, Rugby, American football, Volley.
  • Video playback from any TV / computer / tablet / smartphone connected to the same WiFi network as your PIX4TEAM 2. Allows you to coach right after a sport session or half-time without having to physically access the robot

And always: 

  • Best image quality on the market thanks to a renowned camera brand with a real optical zoom or your smartphone breathtaking video quality
  • No subscription required
  • No watermark
  • Open system compatible with all sport-analyzing softwares, live streaming plateforms and social media
  • Free Live streaming and sharing on social media
  • Compatible with the video hosting and sharing platform cloud.movensee.com
  • Compatible with the scoreboard and banner option
PIX4TEAM 2 in action

PIX4TEAM 2 in action

Already endorsed by users

“As an early user of PIX4TEAM 1, I would like to say that the robot has evolved a lot. I had a very successful soccer season last summer and with the exception of version 3.5 the latest software has been perfect. I wanted to buy a second one, and this will be the PIX4TEAM 2, which will enable me to use it for Basketball and Handball too."

Made in France

Like the 1, the PIX4TEAM 2 is made in France, by a major European group that also works for Airbus, Thales and many other high-tech companies.

Orange is the new black

The PIX4TEAM 2 boasts a more colorful and, above all, more modern design. This modernity refers to the technological leadership of Move'N See, the first company in the world to have ever created Auto-Follow Cameras.

'PIX4TEAM 1' users, upgrade to PIX4TEAM 2

  • New optics
  • Latest electronics
  • Software update, including all sports and improvements
  • Price: $/€500 + shipping and possible customs costs outside the EU

Link to service: https://shop.movensee.com/en/accessories-for-pix4team/362-pix4team-2-upgrade.html