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MOVE’N SEE: your robot cameraman for outdoor sports

The armband is called BEEPER. It has a GPS, and a patented baro-altimeter which is essential for the precision and stability of the TILT (vertical) axis. The camera is set on a motorized head on a tripod, it is the TRACKER. The camera points at the sportsman, zoom in and zoom out AUTOMATICALLY ! Designed for sport: the armband has a big REC button easy to find without looking at! Audio signal if REC ON/OFF, doubled by a light signal. Very simple installation: inclinometers measure any tripod misalignements, and they are automatically compensated much better than a person can do by adjusting manually the tripod. Durable good: don't change the whole system when batteries are less efficient, just change the batteries yourself! All plugs are protected against rain and sea spray.

No more camera person : film more often, speed up improvement, communicate easily!

Watch the videos of surf, kitesurf, dressage and show jumping, wakeboard, motor sports... MOVE 'N SEE: your robot cameraman, portable and always available.

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NEW in 2014 !!!    The E-FULLMOTION

This robot cameraman can film in a range of 1km, and in addition you have your GPS data available for export in any software! Mixing the two things, film + GPS data, is opening a new era in sport tools! This Move 'N See E-FULLMOTION still has all the unique features that makes the legend. Like this big REC button on the armband you can find easily. Big time saver for debrief and edit! Complete anti-theft features, including a sound alarm. New motorization: smoother and even more reactive!

Designed for outdoor sports

The first PAN TILT ZOOM REC in the wolrd

On delivery since 2012. Special price until the stock lasts. The MOVE 'N SEE films horizontally (PAN), vertically (TILT), and zooms automatically to follow your actions. Range 1km. Durable good: change batteries yourself when they become less efficient (don't buy a new Move 'N See!); All plugs are protected against rain and sea spray. Big REC button one can find without looking at. Even with heavy gloves. Designed for sport. Since the beginning. Complete anti-theft features, including a sound alarm.

Automatic PTZ Reframing


The vertical axis is set manually and is not motorized. No alarm system. No automatic measure of tripod horizontality, one must take care of it manually. But for filming at almost the same altitude as the sportsman, and taking care of tripod horizontality, it does a great part of the job!

Remote Control


Access the on-line store and find (almost) all what you need to film with your personal robot cameraman. Different kinds of cameras, backpacks, protections against rain and sand, tripods, additional batteries for longer life of your product (no need to buy a complete new system when batteries are old!), additional chargers, etc...

Advanced Anti-Theft System