Tim Rigdon (USA) streams his sermons

Just like Tim Rigdon in the US, many pastors live stream their sermons with an auto-follow camera

"PIXEM has become the most consistent part of our weekly productions. The setup could'nt be easier" Open Heavens Church, Texas USA

"We are grateful for using this product for our purposes in our church. Our pastor is part horse and moves all the time and does not stay still!" Tim RIGDON, Pastor, USA

Just like Tim RIGDON (pastor in the US), many pastors film and record their sermons to allow congregants to be able to rewatch a sermon, to share it around them or just to reach fellows all around the world to deliver their message. But filming is one thing. Capturing your audience’s attention is another one. And this is also the case for conferences.

One advise: forget about boring static camera! Get an auto follow robot that will track you on stage and make your video dynamic and interesting to watch! No more standing still in front of the camera while loosing bored viewers! Move and evolve accross the church/stage while your robot cameraman tracks you and films and capture your viewers’ attention with a lively video! Having a dynamic video usually increase viewers’ attention from usually 3 minutes to dozens of minutes! This means your videos will be more viewed, more shared and your message will be more heard and spread!

«Having PIXEM has helped our ministry in many ways: we are now able to live stream, share our events and spread our thoughts with much more people than before! By the past, it was hard to have someone filming the whole church service without any church video camera but now I just have to set up my PIXEM, wear the special watch and that's it! »

Catch the attention of your community/viewers with good dynamic videos: add several robots and you will be able to film from different angles! If you are using one of the compatible cameras compatible with PIXEM from here, you’ll also be able to use any editing and management software to add titles to your videos and switch from one angle to another during live streaming. You can even get extra watches and switch from pastor to church singer (for instance) within a second!

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