Team sports automatic filming is now affordable for Mick!

Automatic filming, free live streaming, clubs now have both a coaching and communication tool!

What if you could film your home and away games, record and analyze trainings in real time, live stream them for free for your fans and promote your sponsors at the same time without any expensive cameraman or a novice cameraman volunteer to hold the camera!?

PIX4TEAM is a fantastic training tool

"The PIX4TEAM is great for everybody in this club! I can record the game and analyze it in real time or after the match to improve our game and strategies. During a training, just after an exercise I can replay the video on my tablet, at a distance from the PIX4TEAM robot. It's a fantastic video analysis tool and nobody has to hold the camera at each training session!" Mick T. Baskeball Coach

PIX4TEAM is a great and easy communication tool

"Our fans and followers can watch every match in real time on our Facebook page for free or any other plateform. And our sponsors are really happy because now we can now communicate much more than before. We also use it for our kids in the club and the parents and grandparents are so happy to be able to follow their children’s match in direct live or rewatch it later. We had a prototype from MOVE 'N SEE and I was really impressed by how easy it is to use. I'm not techy and I managed to stream myself on our social media!" Clara J, Handball club

And how do they easily see the game? With the latest robot from MOVE 'N SEE: PIX4Team. Installed on a tripod, the robot automatically follows the actions of the match whether for framing or zooming. The stream captured by the camera mounted on the robot is directly sent to the Facebook live stream for the great pleasure of the club aficionados.

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