Vloggers tools to the next level

He captures viewers' attention thanks to dynamic auto-follow videos!

Whether you're a presenter, professor, youtuber, content creator, you need to bring your virtual lectures, sales pitches, and product demonstrations to life. Discover how with or without a robot cameraman!

"I use PIXEM auto-follow camera to film parts of my professional VLOGs about woodwork. I'm walking around in my workshop, and PIXEM is reframing me!" Jarek Ostaszenwski, Vlogger, Poland

Another solution free solution and that does not require a robot: just use the PIXSELF application on your iPhone or iPad

No heavy investment, you just need your iPhone or iPad ... and the PIXSELF application available on the App Store. Placed on a tripod, you now have your virtual cameraman who broadcasts your show directly on social media to hundreds of spectators.

It's really magical: you can even insert a PDF presentation for some of your lectures and switch to one page to another using hand signals to focus on your presentation.

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