What do I need to film and live stream team sports?

15 févr. 2024 — 7 minutes
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Capturing the action-packed moments of team sports requires precision, flexibility, and reliability in your filming equipment. Whether you're documenting a thrilling soccer match, a fast-paced basketball game, or a gripping football showdown, having the right tools can make all the difference in producing high-quality footage. In this blog post, we'll explore the essential gear you need to elevate your team sports filming to the next level. Let's delve into why the PIX4TEAM 2 is a must-have for anyone serious about capturing the excitement of team sports on camera. 

  •  What is PIX4TEAM 2 and how does it work? 

The PIX4TEAM 2 is an auto follow camera dedicated to a list of sports: Soccer, Basketball, American football, Handball, Rugby, Hockey (Ice, Field, Roller and Floorball), Futsal, , Volley. It also works for the wheelchair versions of these sports when they exist.

It only takes 5 minutes to set up the PIX4TEAM2: place it on your tripod/mast at the edge of the field or bleachers. Install the camera/phone/tablet on the robot and turn it on. Use the PIX4TEAM2 REMOTE application to select the sport, and configure the robot. The robot must be at a height of over 5 meters above the ground, even over 6 meters for larger fields like in soccer, rugby, or American football. If you have a tripod set up in the stands, make sure you're at these heights. If you've chosen a mast, now is the time to deploy it at 5 to 7 meters high. Then, position the corners of the field within view in the PIX4TEAM remote app.  

There you go, your PIX4TEAM2 is ready to record and livestream! 

The video can be recorded locally in the camera memory or micro-SD card, and/or recorded inside the robot (micro-SD card), and copied anywhere since video formats are standard. For example .mts in Sony cameras, .mp4 inside the robot.

And/or live streamed on any live streaming services: Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo. Or, on streaming platforms, the one we propose is very attractive (webtv.movensee.com), those of our partners (SolidSport, Champ's) and any other. Or your own live streaming service if any(thanks to a RTMP link or the HDMI outfit of the top-mounted camera).

Live streaming is done directly from the robot, connected to the internet in three possible ways: by connecting the robot to a local WiFi hotspot, by linking it to the internet via an Ethernet cable, or by sharing a smartphone's internet connection. This connection of the robot to the internet is configured using the PIX4TEAM REMOTE mobile application, which can then be closed (but can also remain open if you wish to control the filmed image or any other parameters of the robot).

After completing the recording of a video, with a simple click in the PIX4TEAM REMOTE application, it is possible to upload the video(s) to our cloud storage and sharing service at cloud.movensee.com, which offers highly suitable sharing tools for team sports.

The video can be used in any analysis software, it's a standard camera so it's a standard video format as mentioned above. We will also propose our own an analysis software later. You can connect the top-mounted camera by HDMI to your laptop if you want to analyze the game in real time with a third party software. Or you can analyze it later anywhere.


An unrivalled technology

 The 180° camera at the top of the robot films the whole field. It does not move. Its video is analysed by an artificial intelligence algorithm in real time: it determines where the action is that must be filmed.  Then it sends PAN, TILT and ZOOM commands to the camera on top of the robot, so that it focuses on this action.  

  • What do I need to start the PIX4TEAM 2 adventure? 

You need 4 things to film & live stream your game: 

1)A pix4team2 robot  

2)A tripod / Mast. The robot must be at a height of over 5 meters above the ground, even over 6 meters for larger fields like in soccer, rugby, or American football. It is strongly recommended to have a windbracing kit if you are outside.

3)A compatible camera or smartphone / tablet of this list: https://shop.movensee.com/en/content/33-compatible-devices-with-pix4team or a non compatible camera less than about 2.5kg. A non compatible camera will not have the automatic zoom in and out, nor the remote control of the start/stop recording.

4)A smartphone or a tablet with the PIX4TEAM REMOTE to setup the system.

We also recommend our special transport bag. 

 PIX4TEAM2 has 2-year worldwide warranty. 

Payment: flexibility and best offer on the market

In our continuous effort to better meet your needs and expectations, we have revamped our pricing model to offer you more flexibility . When you are about to acquire your PIX4TEAM 2, you have the choice between two payment options: A one-time payment or a monthly subscription.

And guess what? In both cases, it's much cheaper than all competitors, offering the best image quality in the market with a top-brand camera featuring true optical zoom. Live streaming is possible anywhere at no extra cost, it's compatible with all free or paid sports analysis software on the market, installs in just 5 minutes on the sidelines, and we're the only auto-follow camera manufacturers who don't claim rights to your images!

We have different packages including everything needed (except the transport bag that can be added after) 

PIX4TEAM 2 bleachers pack: This pack is ideal for using the PIX4TEAM2 robot in stands.  

It contains : - The PIX4TEAM2 robot and its battery - A PRO tripod - A SONY AX43A camera - 2 microSD cards 32 GB

PIX4TEAM 2 OUTDOOR field edge pack (football, rugby): This pack is ideal for using the PIX4TEAM2 robot at the edge of the OUTDOOR field.

It contains : The PIX4TEAM2 robot and its battery A 7.30m mast A kit of 3 stays A SONY AX43A camera 2 microSD cards 32 GB

PIX4TEAM 2 INDOOR field edge pack (hand, basketball, etc.) This pack is ideal for using the PIX4TEAM2 robot at the edge of the INDOOR field.

It contains : The PIX4TEAM robot and its battery The 4.80m mast A SONY AX43A camera 2 microSD cards 32 GB

  •  Extra features 


 Add score, game time and an advertisement banner with your sponsor or logo to your videos and PIX4TEAM lives thanks to the scoreboard subscription.

 The functions of this subscription are used in the free application PIX4TEAM REMOTE that you use with your PIX4TEAM robot. The subscription allows you to add the score, the game time and a banner with your logos or sponsors on the videos recorded in your PIX4TEAM robot and on the lives broadcast by it. 

Immediately after the purchase of the subscription, you will receive an email containing an activation code. This code, once entered in the PIX4TEAM REMOTE application, allows you to activate these new features on your PIX4TEAM robot. Then, all smartphones and/or tablets using the PIX4TEAM REMOTE application on this robot will be able to benefit from these features. There is no need to buy a new subscription for each smartphone and/or tablet, nor to re-enter this code. 

 Audio commentary 

With PIX4TEAM2, the sound is recorded by the microphone of the camera mounted on the robot. But, you can also use a remote microphone, a wireless headset for a commentator or a RODE type microphone which has a range of 200 metres. (If needed we sell the whole RODE microphone kit). 

 The Cloud

From the PIX4TEAM remote mobile app there is a direct link in order to dowload the video to our cloud.  

The cloud offers you a convenient and flexible way to host and share your sports videos. You can store an unlimited number of videos from a variety of sources, and from as many devices as you like. Your videos will be kept for 12 months, with the option of renewing this storage. You can share your videos with an unlimited number of groups or teams, and up to 100 users can view them. What's more, your guests can download shared videos free of charge. 

 For more information, visit https://cloud.movensee.com/  

Why PIX4TEAM 2 ?

PRICE: PIX4TEAM 2 is BY FAR the less expensive auto-follow camera on the market. VEO 2 and 3 are much more expensive with their compulsory monthly subscription, and you have to trust them on the service will still be there in 3 years, and not at a higher price.

BEST IMAGE QUALITY ON THE MARKET: Pix4Team2 uses a real camera with an optical zoom from a major brand of your choice, instead of cropping inside a cheap wide-angle camera like VEO 2 and 3.

LIVE STREAMING: it's free with PIX4TEAM2, and you can stream wherever you want. With VEO 2 and 3, you have to pay and use their own service in the hope that it will always be available, and not at a higher price.

IMAGE RIGHTS:  With all other brands, your videos go to their servers, and you give them the rights to use them commercially in the future. Imagine seeing the videos of your current youngsters, who will be champions in 10 years' time, without you being able to do anything about the use of these videos, which should remain under your control.

To embark on your next filming journey with PIX4TEAM 2, don't hesitate to contact us at contact@movensee.com and discover how our platform can revolutionize your filmmaking experience. Get ready to elevate your content creation to new heights with PIX4TEAM 2.