Training beyond borders: Meet Heather Wilson-Roller, Grand Prix dressage & coach

1 Jun 2023 — 2 minutes
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Discover how the Grand prix dressage rider has managed to keep a quality training during the covid area and even after!

Back in 2019, when Covid restrictions started, Heather Wilson-Roller found herself stuck at home as we all did. But her problem was, as a high level athlete, she had to keep on riding & training with her coach Pierre Cousyn located 1000 miles away.

Having someone to film is not always possible (especially during this period!). Filming with a basic camera/phone installed on a tripod can be tricky as you might end up out of the frame, and if you don't have someone to film, this means you don't have automatic zooming during the whole lesson. ..which means your coach will miss some details.

Heather Wilson-Roller ended up getting herself thePIXEM and live lesson equipment: "During the era of covid, everything went virtual. It was so difficult to have lessons and clinics in real life. "

The PIXEM have facilitated a weekly lesson with my coach. The clarity of both the audio and video technology is a superb tool to augment a classically-based training program.

Thanks to the automatic tracking & zooming features, Heather was able to improve and her coach could even concentrate on tiny details:

"Can you believe my coach could see this in a virtual lesson?! While having my lesson, he noticed that my stirrup leather on the mounting side had stretched! He instructed me to check them after the ride and make sure they were even. He was right!"

Which shows how important being able to see every details during the live lesson is! Having the chance to rewatch the recorded lessons afterwards has been of a great help as well to track the progress achieved: "How fun to watch Vinny (my horse) developing balance and consistency in the shoulder-in! Can’t wait to try first level with him this year."

Heather Wilson-Roller confirms how important it is for her to keep on training even if she is a Grand Prix dressage rider:

Even the most experienced riders need regular coaching to perform their best.

What about you? How did you keep on training with the Covid19 restrictions? Have you ever done remote lessons with your coach? How has it helped you to progress? Do you have any tips or fun stories to share with us? Leave a comment below 😁