5 reasons why remote coaching is a game-changer on your riding journey (for both riders and coaches!)

10 Feb 2022 — 3 minutes
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5 reasons why remote coaching is a game-changer on your riding journey (for both riders and coaches!)

Unless you’re able to teleport yourself at the other end of the world (or just the town !), it can be quite money, time, and energy-consuming to organize a physical lesson with your coach. It means getting your horse ready, driving a few hours (if not more), spending time there, then coming back and this, several times a year. Now imagine you could do this from the comfort of your arena? Well thanks to new technology, it’s now possible.

1. Save time (especially during lockdown)

Former grand prix dressage rider Suzie Halle cannot but agree. The USDF Bronze silver gold medalist has been taking coaching lessons with her remote (and Olympic medalist !) coach Michelle Gibson thanks to PIXEM auto follow camera and its live lesson service*(lien cliquable produit). « Like for many, COVID meant that my plans for the season had to be changed…but thanks to Pixem my training wasn’t one of them. My coach was in Wellington but was still able to remain in my ear in Colorado every day to coach me & my young horse. »

2. Money

As a rider, you’re willing to get the very best for your riding journey and for your horse. But not everybody can afford to travel all the times for coaching. Remote lesson means that you can save the troubles and the costs of travelling and still get access to the advices of your coach!

Grand Prix Dressage rider, Suzie Halle

Grand Prix Dressage rider, Suzie Halle

3. Lessons, lessons, lessons!

Another amazing aspect of remote coaching is that you can do it anywhere, anytime and as much as you want ! No time or frequency limit as long as both rider and coach are available! And coach can now give more lessons from anywhere as well : « Michelle Gibson was coaching from her laptop, in the passenger seat, zooming along the highway, connecting via 5G using PIXIO & PIXEM - by MOVE'N SEE - insane game changing technology. » says Suzie Halle.  See ? This means more lessons, more advices, more progress.

4. Progress faster

Because more lessons means more progress! Now you can film your remote lesson and rewatch it on your own or with your coach to see what you need to improve from your posture, to your feet, to your horse behaviour... A good quality video with automatic tracking and zooming thanks to PIXIO/PIXEM auto follow will allow you to capture all details from your lessons to make the most of it ! Suzie Halle shares her insight: «Pixem is an invaluable tool in my training & the ability to look back on the progression & journey I’ve been on with my horse is absolutely priceless. »

5. New opportunities for riders and coaches

Thank to https://coachfinder.movensee.com/, you can now access the world’s largest coaches directory (familiar with PIXEM technology!). This means that you’ll have access to more than 300 remote lessons skilled instructors from anywhere in the world! « Pixem system has opened up more opportunities, from sessions with my mentor in Europe to taking part in virtual shows, none of which were possible before.» (Suzie Halle)

And for coaches, it means that they can simply register on the website to be contacted by riders from all around the world and extend their business!

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