Say No to Boring, Static Video Sermons With PIXIO and PIXEM!

4 Jul 2023 — 4 minutes
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Create easy, dynamic videos with auto-follow and auto-zoom!

Automatically film, record, share live your services or sermons and spread God’s Word more easily!No More Boring, Static Video Sermons With PIXIO / PIXEM!

Each week, pastors spend time preparing their sermons and message from the Lord that they want to share. But delivering your message is not enough: You have to make sure your whole community can have access to it. Maybe people missed the last service, or they want to re-listen to a great sermon they related to. And what if your congregation members would like to share your precious words with friends because they think it might help them? The list is long for why having a recorded version of your message is a great idea — but above all, recording and sharing your videos is important for your church.

So here you are, wanting to record your message and wondering: How can we make good, lively videos that attract our community? Will a static, unmovable camera on a tripod be good enough? You won’t be able to move from your position, and the lack of visual movement might be boring to watch. How can you ensure that all expression and detail is transmitted on camera if no one is there to zoom in on you when needed? And will someone be available every Sunday to direct the camera, zoom and record? Last but not least, publishing sermons online requires work and, most importantly, time. Someone must begin and end the recording, save the file, edit the audio, and then upload the sermon to the internet. This can take hours, and the weekend message ends up being published on online days or weeks later (and sometimes never).

There are many questions and many technical aspects of video sermons to think about.

Save time and trouble.

Forget about a boring, static camera! Get an auto-follow robot that will track you onstage and make your videos dynamic and interesting to watch. No more standing still in front of the camera while losing bored viewers. You can move across the church stage while your robot cameraman tracks and films you, and you’ll capture your viewers’ attention with a lively video. Offering a dynamic video typically increases viewers’ attention from about 3 minutes to dozens of minutes. This means your videos will be viewed and shared by more people, and ultimately your message will be more heard and spread.

Why do churches with a big enough budget hire one or more cameramen to film? Simply because cameramen can follow a speaker and make a dynamic and interesting video. But having a cameraman isn’t an affordable solution for all churches. The right solution (and at a fraction of the cost ) is an auto-follow robot camera like PIXIO for cameras or PIXEM for smartphones and tablets.

You’ll find two types of robot depending on what you prefer to film with: PIXIO for compatible cameras (check the list here) and PIXEM for smartphone and tablet. Simply set up your robot (with camera, smartphone or tablet) on a tripod, setup the three mini-beacons around filming area, wear the special tag on your wrist or pocket as you present, and that’s it! The robot will automatically follow you, film you and keep you in the frame — no matter where you go on stage. A simple static camera will lose you and forces you to remain within its frame. Along with tracking feature, robots can also zoom in and out depending on where you are to capture details and expressions. You can even set the zoom level you want and save it for future uses. You’ll finally be able to record dynamic videos that engage your community in a way that lets them feel they are with you and fully experiencing the moment.

Both robots offer the ability to live stream your service to reach local members of the congregation and churches around the world. If you choose PIXIO robot filming with camera, you’ll also want a magewell dongle that connects from camera HDMI output to computer so you can live stream using Facebook, YouTube, Zoom, and more. For PIXEM with smartphone or tablet, you’ll simply use our free application PIXEM CAMERA on your filming smartphone or tablet to access the streaming service through Facebook or YouTube. As for sound on the video, you can simply set a receiver on the camera, smartphone or tablet and use your usual mic to transmit sound.

Catch the attention of your community with good, dynamic videos. Add several robots and you’ll be able to film from different angles! If you are using one of the compatible cameras compatible with PIXIO here, you’ll also be able to use any editing and management software to add titles to your videos and switch from one angle to another during live streaming. You can even get extra views and shots from pastor to soloist (for instance) within one second.

Why You Need a PIXIO/PIXEM

  • Film record sermons easily thanks to automatic tracking, zoom and record features.
  • Allow your church members to view and rewatch your sermons as if they were present thanks to tight zoom, accurate tracking and good image quality of a camera with PIXIO.
  • No camera? Film with your smartphone or tablet mounted on the PIXEM.
  • Share videos easily with your community thanks to standard video format — through blog, website, social media, and more.
  • Connect with your community and beyond by sharing your videos online thanks to live streaming ability combined with unrivaled tracking.