ROBOT E-FULLMOTION multi-user + 1 BEEPER armband

  • 1 E-FULLMOTION robot
  • 1 BEEPER armband
  • Batteries
  • Chargers
  • Cable for camera zoom and REC control
  • User manual and quick start guide

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Your robot cameraman for outdoor sports

The armband is called BEEPER. It has a GPS, and a patented baro-altimeter which is essential for the precision and stability of the TILT (vertical) axis. The camera is set on a motorized head on a tripod, it is the TRACKER. The camera points at the sportsman, zoom in and zoom out AUTOMATICALLY ! Designed for sport: the armband has a big REC button easy to find without looking at! Audio signal if REC ON/OFF, doubled by a light signal. Very simple installation: inclinometers measure any tripod misalignements, and they are automatically compensated much better than a person can do by adjusting manually the tripod. Durable good: don't change the whole system when batteries are less efficient, just change the batteries yourself! All plugs are protected against rain and sea spray.


  • The best available sensors for the precision of the line of sight : high perf GPS and altimeter. High perf inclinometers for monitoring the line of sight very accurately whatever the distance
  • The best radio link between the armband and the pan-tilt head : 900MHz is the best choice at long distance & in wet environment
  • Precise GPS raw data exportable for debriefing: trajectories, efforts, distances, speeds, etc.


  • Clear texts aside light leds, you don’t need the manual while surfing or riding
  • Big embossed buttons which can be found without looking at, even with heavy gloves
  • Status leds and sounds for REC status, batteries, and system health
  • Automatic correction of any mistake from the user on the zoom settings
  • Batteries can be easily changed to film all day long


  • Electronics parts assembled by ISO 9001+IPC class 3 industries
  • No planned obsolescence: Batteries can be changed to avoid buying a new product when efficiency decreases
  • All plugs are protected against sea spray, sand, rain, snow
  • Complete anti-theft system: Attach points, sound alarm, locked access to camera screw and key functions

MOVE 'N SEE Beeper

250g on your arm. Big embossed buttons, light leds, and sound signals because we know you need all this when you are doing sport.


  • Battery level/System Check
  • Camera ON/OFF
  • Normal Zoom, Wide Zoom, or Manual
  • Activate / Deactivate the Alarm
  • Start / Stop Recording
  • Strong, Waterproof Casing

Beeper e-Fullmotion

Automatic Pan, Tilt, Zoom: the auto-follow camera E-FULLMOTION films your every movement

Thanks to the MOVE'N SEE, film all of your sporting activities easily and without needing to reframe! Finally you can film with no restrictions, in the water, in the snow, in the desert or in the air!

List of compatible cameras for automatic zoom and for REC control from the armband

SONY CX130, CX160, CX220, CX240, PJ240, CX250, PJ260, PJ270, PJ275, CX320, PJ330, CX330, PJ340, CX410, PJ410, PJ420, PJ430, PJ 440, CX450, CX455, PJ530, CX560, PJ580, PJ620, CX625, PJ670, CX675, PJ675, CX700, CX740, CX760, PJ780, PJ790, PJ810, CX900, AX100, AX30, AX33.

MOVE 'N SEE Tracker

Easy to transport anywhere. All plugs protected.

  • Automatically turns the camera towards the Beeper
  • Follows the Beeper on the subject; Pans, Tilts and Zooms
  • Infinite Pan rotation, 83° / -45 Tilt rotation and Zoom
  • Battery level/System Check
  • Indicates whether the alarm is activated or disactivated
  • Activation / Deactivation of the Tilt function
  • Vital functions locked (i.e. camera attachement, ON/OFF)
  • Possibility of attaching a bike lock without restricting camera movement
  • Screw it on any standard tripod with a 3/8" thread

Tracker e-FullMotion

360° endless PAN
Zoom auto
TILT (up/down rotations)
REC from the tag
Inclinometers (line of sight improvement)
Anti-theft sound alarm
Anti-theft attach point + keys
Remote control option
OUTDOOR use only
Does not work indoor.
Delivered with only one BEEPER
You can buy additional BEEPERs in order to film multiple people with your camera. If you don't have a REMOTE CONTROL or if it is OFF, the last one to press REC is framed and filmed. In this case you can use from 1 to 62 armbands. If you have a REMOTE CONTROL and if it is ON at less than 100 meters, then the REMOTE user is the only one to decide who is filmed. In this case one can use 8 BEEPERs.
Automatic right-left rotations
360° infinite (PAN).
Automatic up and down rotations (TILT)
+83°/-45°. Precise and stable thanks to patented baro-altimeter in the armband.
Fully automatic ZOOM
No manual settings, no drift even after hours filming.
REC button on the armband
Ergonomic design for sport: easy to find without looking at; audio signal for REC ON and OFF, doubled by a light signal because you need all the best.
Micro-SD slot in the TRACKER
allowing to export the GPS data of the sportsman filmed. GPS data can be exported in any specialized software for sport training (Prune, Google Maps, Google Earth,...)
measure of any misalignement of the tripod, and automatic correction of the line of sight if tripod not horizontal).
Alarm system
Can be activated/deactivated only on the armband.
More than 3 hours battery life
Batteries can be changed to film longer. Batteries can be changed when they are dead (no need to buy a new product!).
All plugs and connectors are protected
Against rain, sand, and sea spray.
Automatic zoom level
Keeps you in a frame of about 15m, 32m, or 48m as choosen on the armband. Other zoom settings can be pre-configured in the Tracker.
Camera weight limit
2.3kg (5lbs)
Why the E-FULLMOTION and the CLASSIC cannot work indoors ?
The E-FULLMOTION and the CLASSIC use GPS signals. Inside the BEEPER there is a high performance GPS chip. The GPS signal comes from satellites, and it is degraded indoor. As a consequence, the quality of the tracking is degraded indoor.
What kind of tripod do I need ?
Any standard tripod with a 3/8" screw is OK. Be careful with standard tripods with a 1/4" screw: sometimes they have a unstable head and it's not recommended. Sometimes the head can be removed, and below you have a 3/8" screw, and in this case it is compatible with the E-FULLMOTION and the CLASSIC. In case you have a 1/4" screw on your tripod and you really want to use it, it is possible to buy an adaptor 3/8" - 1/4", but once again be careful to the tripod head stability.
What is the connection between the robot and the camera ?
Depending on the camera model, the plug for zoom and record control is called "Sony multi", or "LANC", or "A/V-R". We deliver your robot with the adequate cable when you tell us the camera you will use. Most recent Sony cameras have a "Sony multi" plug.
What about the size of the BEEPER ? Any discomfort ?
Except for very young children, users don't feel any discomfort with the 250 grams BEEPER. The size of the BEEPER has been determined to include a high performance radio and its antenna. This is critical for the excellent range of the E-FULLMOTION and the CLASSIC (more than 1km - 3300ft). Smaller technologies suffer dramatic loss of signal in wet environment, like in water sports. The video quality we want to offer to our users just needs the best.